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Captain Tsubasa Episode 10

Kojiro Arrives

The Nankatsu Shonen Soccer Club starts preparing to join the Nankatsu SC for the National Youth Soccer Tournament. Tsubasa and the others were among 30 other boys who were chosen to start training together and have a chance to become a part of the final 15 boys who will form the team. It has been decided that they will be split into two teams with Wakabayashi and the others from the Shutetsu Elementary School. Suddenly, a mysterious boy stands before them. His name is Kojiro Hyuga. With his perfect and exciting play technique, he takes away the ball from the Shutetsu members with ease. And then he fires a powerful shot at the goal that Wakabayashi protects…!

Captain Tsubasa Episode 10
Jun. 04, 2018

Captain Tsubasa season 1